Wavelength Productions

  • Live entertainment-
    I have a variety bands that cover a range of styles that will fit most occasions. Check out my band roster. I also have a high quality sound system that's more than adequate for private parties, weddings, outdoor festivals, and bars/clubs.
  • Audio Recording-
    • Live- I can provide an 18-track recording and run live sound at your show. I can also come to your rehearsal space or house.
    • Studio- I have a studio space for audio production. It includes multiple instruments,amps, and a drum kit for use on any project whether it be a demo or album. I can also make MIDI drum and instrument parts. Here are some examples.
  • Video Recording-
    I can do everything from a live performance to a music video. When I video record your live show I run multiple cameras plus a multi-track audio recording. I can do the post-production and editing, as well.
  • Graphic Design-
    Web sites, album covers, logos, posters, t-shirts.
  • Vinyl Ripping-
    Why rip your vinyl records? I have a high fidelity vinyl archiving (ripping) system that transfers your rare and precious vinyl to the digital world. That way you can listen to your favorite records (in high fidelity) anywhere while preserving them by not over-playing them. Check out my vinyl rip archive.