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BEEFUS- 'Kringle in the Corn'
Released 12/11/22 | Cover by Beefy

'Kringle in the Corn'
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Santa lives at the North Pole, but there's trouble at the Deep South Pole, and Santa goes into the wilds of Amurca to investigate. He and his elf buddy find that these red-blooded patriots don't take kindly to Northerners. Sata gets tied up, handed over to the Gimp, and finds that these rural rebels are planning to unleash an unspeakable horror on the world -- the gross, corpulent pignoramus "Porkanthropus!" Performed live on WORT 89.9 FM, 12/13/18.

Beefus- banjo, samples, lead vocals, narrator, written word
Meatslayer- bass, vocals, Santa Claus
Nathan B. Gosh- mandolin, vocals, Skeezit
Tardmar- keys, samples, vocals (lead on 'Candy Caine' & 'Danger in the Manger'), Humples the Elf
Bonus Erectus- trombone, guitar, vocals, Buford, Colonel Beauregard Hogwood, Chuck Todd
Smiley Virus- percussion, vocals (lead on 'Dead and Gone'), Hoglips, Saddie May, NYT Reporter
Braniak- percussion, vocals (lead on 'I Can't Wait'), Reverend Luther Pendragon, Bocephus
U-Tip- drums, bells, Gimp

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