Wavelength Productions

Rude Ralph, The Red-Faced Rage Deer'
Released 12/17/21 | Cover by Beefy

'Rude Ralph, The Red-Faced Rage Deer'
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RUDE RALPH, THE RED-FACED RAGE DEER is Santa's angriest reindeer. He gets wasted, he pukes, his stubble can grind cement, his red booze-honker nose is bigger than your fist. When Ralph gets his own incendiary talk-radio program, he pits hapless worker elves against the reindeer elite. Meanwhile, one little elf doesn't want to make toys. Little "Stirrups" has always dreamed of being a gynecologist! Relive the mellow mega-hits "Rude Ralph," "It's Blitzmas Time," and "The Abominable Blowman." Performed live on WORT 89.9 FM, 12/14/17.

Beefus- electric banjo, lead vocals, samples, written word, Narrator
Meatslayer- bass, vocals, beatbox, Elf, Reindeer, Santa Claus
Nathan B. Gosh- electric mandolin, vocals (lead on Deep State, Pizzagate), The Abominable Blowman
Tardmar- keys, vocals (lead on Rude Ralph, It's Blitzmas Time, Mystic Knowledge, Santa's Dead), samples, Stirrups the Elf
Lizardus- trombone, guitar, bells, vocals, Elf Foreman, Reindeer
U-Tip- drums, Mrs. Claus
Smiley Virus- percussion, vocals (lead on Deep State, Pizzagate), Elf, Reindeer
Brania (The Big Pill)- vocals, Rude Ralph
Reb Nebula- vocals (lead on Snowflakes, Mystic Knowledge (Reprise)), Elf, Chick Urologist

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